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About cerium tungsten electrode

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  Cerium Tungsten Electrodes are generally immediately available in most volumes, including bulk quantities. Shaanxi Yuheng can produce all kinds of wolfram electrodes.Today,we will mainly introduce Cerium tungsten electrode.Specific data are listed in the following table:

  Grades of dopant doping amount other doping amount electron work color coating head

  WC20 CeO2 1.80~2.20% <0.20% 2.7~2.8 grey

  Cerium tungsten has the following advantages than thorium tungsten materials:

  * non radiative

  * low melting rate of welding arc

  * long service life.

  Therefore,cerium tungsten is a low current welding environment the best substitute of thoriated tungsten.

  Cerium tungsten electrode is mainly Calcined Anthracite used in the DC low current welding.

  Cerium tungsten alloy has excellent performance in low current arcs, and thus become the mostly equipment manufacturer welded rail pipe standards, in addition, it is also used for low current applications of other like fine small parts welding etc..

  Application of cerium tungsten is not suitable for high current conditions, because in such conditions, the oxide will quickly move to high temperature zone, namely theelectrode welding at the top, so on oxide uniformity caused damage, thus because of the benefits brought about uniform distribution of oxide will no longer exist.

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