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Advantages of cerium tungsten electrodes

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The cerium tungsten electrode was introduced to the United States in the early 1980s as a non radioactive tungsten electrode instead of thorium tungsten. Cerium cerium electrode usually contains 2% cerium oxide. It is well known that cerium tungsten electrodes are suitable for direct current welding at low voltages because they are easy to arc at low voltage and lower 10% than thorium tungsten at work. For pipe welding, cerium tungsten electrodes are the most popular and are often used to weld small parts.

Cerium tungsten electrode has the advantages of no radiation, low melting rate and long service life. Cerium tungsten electrode is the best product in low current welding, and also used in other low current, such as small and complex parts welding. The cerium tungsten electrode has the properties of tungsten and the environmental value of the electrode. The color of the cerium tungsten electrode head is gray.

Compared with thorium tungsten electrode, cerium tungsten electrode has the following different advantages: thorium tungsten electrode has slight radiation, and they can run at high current. However, cerium tungsten electrodes are non radiative welding materials and can operate at low currents.

Cerium tungsten electrode can replace thorium tungsten electrode. Another chemical property of cerium tungsten electrodes is their small cathode spot, pressure drop and non burning, so they are the most widely used in argon arc welding.

Apply to DC or AC welding, especially in small current, rail pipes, small precision parts of the welding effect is best. Mainly used in carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon copper, copper, bronze, titanium and other materials welding, but there are slight radioactive pollution.

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