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Annealing of tungsten electrode

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  Annealing mainly means exposing materials to the heat for a long period of time and then slowly cooling heat treatment process.The main purpose is: (1) releasing stress, (2) increasing the ductility and toughness of materials, (3) producing special microstructure.

  Tungsten electrode annealing is mainly aimed to export trade,for most customer in domestic basically do not have the requirement of annealing. Next SHAANXI YUHENG explains to you why annealing treatment was carried out on the tungsten electrode.

  Tungsten electrode, in some areas, commonly known as conductive rod, it is the role of conductive arc starting, tungsten electrode also has burning, just burning slowly. Putting the tungsten electrode in argon arc welding torch welding operations, for a period of time it will appear below the result:at the top of the tungsten electrode burning melt into a round ball, and most of the time,tungsten electrode users use tungsten electrodes after sharpening.We have a special grinder, to meet special needs of customers, sharpned tungsten electrode is easier to arc starting, more convenient to use, and has been fused round the top of the spherical tungsten electrode, arc starting is more not easy also is not very stable, this time you need to the tungsten electrode to break off the broken of this period has been burning, make can make full use of the rest of the tungsten electrode. After annealing treatment of tungsten electrode is very fragile,if tungsten electrode is not annealing, but also from the welding torch to cut grinding, after that it can continue to use.

  Therefore, some customers will require tungsten electrode to undergo annealing treatment,annealing treatment requires special equipment and more labor costs, so the price will be slightly adjusted.

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