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Automatic Welding Pre-grounded 2% Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

The pre-ground tungsten electrode is widely used in TIG welding automatic welding and cutting it could help wokers save time and save energy ,we now supply this service to part of our clients it have the better feedback .

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The pre-ground or called the sharpened tungsten electrode ,as we all know before the tungsten electrode used in TIG welding,the tungsten electrodes have to be pre-ground ,why do this ?to pre-ground the tungsten electrode so that the tungsten electrode could focus in a very central point, maybe some people may say it is very simple and easy job use use the simple way to grind such as grinding wheel .from our company these years research and test it is not just a simple make the tungsten have a excellent performance during the welding you have to deal with the tip .first the tip should be very central it means the tip should be concentricity in this way the tungsten electrode will have better ARCING ,if the point is deviation the welding performance will not very good and the tungsten electrode will go very fast .some clients asked us why your tungsten electrode go fast ,that is one of the reason .so from the using effect we know this materials very clearly ,we know how to improve the using effect by grinding the tip.


We also do a lot of test to choose and suggest the suited length .as we all know the normally length are 150mm and 175mm it depends on the TIG welding torch .but according to our research we know that when one piece tungsten electrode finished it will remains about 4-5cm and the torch could not use any more .according to this we cut the tungsten electrode as 75mm and 85mm then both side pre-ground when workers use one side finished he just need to turn to the other side .the workers dont need to take the tungsten electrode out of the torch wait it cool and then pre-ground again .in this way we could save some time for the workers .


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