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Black Tungsten Mud Use Fish Pendant


  Black Tungsten Mud can be used as fish pendant. The tungsten mud has many unique properties, it mainly reflected in the shape of arbitrary, viscous, non-toxic, high density and hydrophobic properties. The density of tungsten mud  is 8g/cm3~10g/cm3. What's more, tungsten mud shape also can be changed to be in a more flexible counterweight for adjustment. The mud also has tungsten viscosity and water resistance which can be applied in fishing gear. The heavy tungsten mud can be replaced the fishing hook pendant products as dive.

      The advantages of tungsten mud:

      1) Tungsten  mud can be made into any shape you want. 

      2) The density of sticky mud tungsten is 1.8 times higher than Pb.  

      3) The tungsten mud is non-toxic and safe which is not harmful for children. 

      4) The tungsten mud can save a lot of time, you can directly into the mud tungsten counterweight without      

          processing program trivial.

  Tungsten Putty mud is a kind of difficult to harden, malleable material is composed of tungsten powder and polymer bonded together. Mainly in the shape of arbitrary, viscous, non-toxic, high density and hydrophobic properties. The widely used, mainly used in toys and fishing counterweight pendant.

  Morphology of tungsten Putty mud mud has a fixed shape at room temperature, with the increase of sludge temperature will gradually become soft, kneading like plasticine can change the shape, this is the basic form of tungsten. Wolfram mud mud is usually black, can also be dyed into its color, such as white, red. Green, Brown, dyed and does not affect the performance of the product.

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