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Five types of tungsten electrodes

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The tungsten electrodes can be divided into five categories: cerium tungsten electrode, lanthanum tungsten electrode, yttrium tungsten electrode, zirconium tungsten electrode and pure tungsten electrode.

Cerium tungsten electrode is made by adding rare earth cerium oxide in Tungsten by powder metallurgy and rolling polishing process,is China's the earliest production of radioactive tungsten electrode products.The characteristic of the product is that it has excellent arc starting performance under low current condition.

Lanthanum tungsten electrode is improved varieties of European countries launched in 80s for replacement of thorium tungsten products, once launched, with its excellent welding performance in international welding industry has attracted much attention and is very popular, especially by European Welding academic pursuit, for this reason, the export volume of lanthanum tungsten electrode is less than thorium tungsten, and awareness in the domestic market is not high. It is characterized by the conductivity of the most close to the 2% thorium tungsten electrode, durable high current and the smallest loss rate.

The thorium tungsten electrode is the first used rare earth tungsten electrode, which is the best kind of tungsten electrode, so it has the highest market share in the world. In the process of welding, the arc beam is long and thin, and has a high degree of compression. It is mainly used in military industry and aerospace industry.

 The zirconium tungsten electrode is to improve pure tungsten electrode in high load conditions to welding defects in itself and the development of the pollution melting workpiece electrode varieties. The characteristics of the electrode is the largest in the high load current situation, the end of the electrode top can be reduced into a spherical tungsten infiltrated phenomenon, and has good corrosion resistance .

Pure tungsten electrode is first used argon arc welding electrode.But under the condition of DC welding, The variety of electrode is not prone to arcing or maintenance of the unstable situation, adding rare-earth oxide can improve the situation. So,pure tungsten electrode is only as welding electrode under the condition of AC or as a resistance welding electrode.

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