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How to reduce thoriated tungsten electrodes exposure?

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  Thoriated tungsten electrodes are widely used because they make good welds and are long lasting and quite easy to use. The risk of internal exposure during welding is negligible in most circumstances, since the thoriated electrode is consumed at a very slow rate.So how to reduce thoriated tungsten electrodes exposure?

  • Choose thorium-free tungsten electrodes such as those containing cerium, lanthanum, yttrium, or zirconium whenever possible.

  • Read, understand, and follow all information in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the selected tungsten electrode.

  • Use a high-efficiency dust collection system to capture particles created during the grinding of electrodes or disturbed during housekeeping.

  • Evaluate the ventilation system before acceptance and periodically thereafter to minimize personnel and environmental contamination.

  • Develop and implement standard operating procedures for the use of thoriated tungsten electrodes, including proper procedures for storage, grinding,use, housekeeping and disposal.

  • Provide training in the operation of the welding and grinding equipment,personal hygiene, and safety.

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