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If i could enjoy the lower Anti-Dumping Tax rate in European countries for tungsten electrodes ?

Views:5     Author:Shaanxi Yuheng Tungsten & Molybdenum Industrial Co,,Ltd     Publish Time: 2018-10-09      Origin:Shaanxi Yuheng Tungsten & Molybdenum Industrial Co,,Ltd

More and more people concern about the Anti-Dumping Tax rate issue .as we all know from 2007 the first time start the investigation for our Chinese suppliers about the tungsten products .as one of the most earlier suppliers all over the world ,Shaanxi Yuheng also get the inform from the European Union .we start this complex works we prepared all the datas after a long time reserching we finally get the 43.5% means the clients from EU countries purcahse the tungsten electrode such as WT20 2% Thoriated tungsten electrode 2% Ceriated tungsten electrode Zirconiated tungsten electrode Lanthanated tungsten electrode other types of tungsten electrode and so on they will enjoy the lower Anti-Dumping tax rate .normally it is 63.5% ,from us it was 43.5% ,after 5 years 2012 the fianl investigation ,the officials come to our company and do the researching again .fianlly they reduce the rate for our company .it becoming 41% .so it means from our company you will get more than 20% lower than from other suppliers .

This year the investigation start again another 5 years past ,yes time flys !we are waiting for the EU officials' coming we will do our best to persuade them to reduce the rate again .we will do our best to help our clients reduce this rate so please sustained attention our company news ,we will show you the lower Anti-Dumping Tax rate once we get the lower rate .

At present the rate still 41% from our company so if you have any plan to purchase please contac us from our sales group .WL15 (2)WL20WT200WE-3DSC_0252_副本5

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