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Knowledge of tungsten copper alloys

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Because of the high conductivity of copper and tungsten corrosion resistance of tungsten copper alloy. It has long been used as an electrical contact and plate material.

In recent years, in the field of electronics, tungsten copper alloys with low thermal expansion of tungsten and high conductivity of copper have begun to be used in the radiator materials of semiconductor shell materials.

Because of the insoluble solution of copper and tungsten, the tungsten copper alloy can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy method can be divided into 2 kinds: dissolving method and powder mixing method. The solution method is only to sinter the tungsten powder and then sinter it into a fixed tungsten skeleton. Then, the copper is melted and soaked in. The powder metallurgy method is to mix copper powder and tungsten powder in a certain proportion, then press, form and sinter.

Because of the difficulty of adjusting the porosity of the tungsten framework, the copper content is easy to be dispersed, and the other problem is that the cost of the manufacturing time limit plant is high. In addition, when the copper powder and the tungsten powder are mixed, the copper containing the ductility is easy to agglomerate, and the copper agglomeration and the pore size are produced in the sintered billet, and the uniform compact copper tungsten alloy can not be obtained.

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