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New products:tungsten contacts

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    Recently,SHAANXI YUHENG produced high quality tungsten contacts,it referred to all kinds of dimension and various rivets can be produced according to customer’s requirement.

        Tungsten contacts are for use in high voltage applications, usually where highly repetitive switching is required.

  The relay tungsten contact is electrically conductive pieces of metal which touch together completing a circuit and allow the circuit current to flow, just like a switch. When tungsten contacts are open the resistance between the contacts is very high , producing an open circuit condition and no circuit current flows. When the contacts are closed tungsten contact resistance should be zero, a short circuit, but this is not always the case. All relay contacts have a certain amount of "contact resistance" when they are closed and this is called the "On-Resistance". With a new relay and contacts this ON-resistance will be very small, generally less than 0.2Ω's because the tips are new and clean.

  The advantages of tungsten contacts contain double composite riveting efficiently save precious metals and reduce the cost;Trimetal rivet can replace solid rivets. It widely used as moving contacts during two sides of contact, to a great extent reduce the material cost;Improve the contact rivet riveting performance;Apply continuous automation production.

  Tungsten contact is widely used in relays.The term Relay generally refers to a device that provides an electrical connection between two or more points in response to the application of a control signal. The most common and widely used type of electrical relay is the electromechanical relay or EMR.In addition,tungsten and contact points are widely used in automobile electric appliances ,household appliances ,relays ,contactors ,thermostat ,all kinds of switch ,aviation appliances ,timer and electronic appliances.

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