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Pinewood car Tungsten Putty weights

tungsten putty for the pinewood car now is more and more popular all over the world .

Price: $ 3.088  -  5.295
Discount Price: $ 2.85  -  5.16
  • 1Oz
  • Yuheng

Introduction of Tungsten Putty

Tungsten putty combines tungsten and rubber, so it has the properties of tungsten and rubber: easily to be machined into different types and products, high density, small volume, low cost, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, without using ROHS materials, etc. Because of these properties, it has many applications, such as tungsten rubber jig, tungsten putty radiation shielding.


Application of Tungsten putty :

As tungsten putty have the properties of tungsten and putty, tungsten putty are widely used in many areas. The most common uses are tungsten rubber jig in fishing areas pinewood derby car and tungsten putty in medical and industry areas.


Tungsten putty radiation shielding: with the development of economy, there comes more and more radiation which is very harmful to our body. In former days, lead is usually used as the material of radiation shielding, but lead is toxic and bad for the environment. Tungsten putty  has the property of high density, small volume, higher density than lead, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so tungsten putty is the best material to make radiation shielding instead of lead.


Tungsten putty jig: another uses of tungsten putty is tungsten putty jig, which is widely used in fishing. Nowadays, more and more people would like to go fishing in sea, as the sea water has corrosion; a good jig is a necessary. As the properties of tungsten putty: good corrosion resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, easily machined into different types. Tungsten putty are the best material to make tungsten putty jig. We can make different shapes of tungsten putty jigs according to the customer's requirements.


Tungsten by itself is an unstable material, and can be with a bonding alloy of nickel, copper, iron or a combination of them, when mixed with a polymer binder, tungsten putty come out.tungsten putty is great for high density weighting and counterweighing.

The advantages of tungsten putty

1.It is soft and can shape the desire design by yourself.

2. It is non-toxic and environment friendly, so it is safe for children

3. 1.7 times heavier than lead so it adds lots of weight in a small area

4. Saves you time because you can easily add just the right amount without breaking off weights or finding just the right size weight that you need.

5. Won't slide

6. Durable

7. Reusable

Why choose us for the tungsten putty .as we all know the density is important ,since the long time experienced we could make sure the exactly weight for the tungsten putty ,the other important reason is viscidity enough .we do the test for our clients .we dill a hole and put the putty into it and turn it down and see how long it could be in the pinewood .we record the performance in 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours 12 hours and 24 hours and 36 hours .our clients could very easy find the quality is very good .

What are you waiting for ?

in the bellow pictures you will find the packing method of us .we could also packed as your requests .





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