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Safe suggestions of grinding tungsten electrodes for TIG welding

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  Over the past fifteen to twenty years there has been a growing awareness in this country that tungsten electrodes grinding, particularly those containing Thorium Dioxide (Thoria) was bad for one's health. China tungsten electrode manufacturer----SHAANXI YUHENG comes up with some safe suggestions of grinding tungsten electrodes for TIG welding.

  It is important to follow standard safety guidelines when operating high speed grinding equipment.

  Never grind tungsten electrodes on belt sanders or the sides of standard grinding wheels.

  Do Not wear loose clothing, which may get caught in moving parts.

  Do Not breath grinding dust.

  Do Not operate electrical equipment in our around standing water.

  Wear approved safety glasses.

  Use an electrode grinding wand when grinding by hand.

  Electrodes get hot when grinding!

  SHAANXI YUHENG recommends an electrode grinding wand to minimize burns and lacerations to fingers and splintered tungsten electrodes that can penetrate the operators hands and eyes.Use an exhaust system when grinding radioactive thoriated tungsten electrodes.

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