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Safety suggestions of using tungsten welding electrodes

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  Tungsten welding electrodes should never be manually ground on an abrasive belt or wheel (particularly silicone carbide). The risk of injury when hand (manually) grinding a very hard brittle material like tungsten is quite high. So you should follow these rules:

  • Wear approved safety glasses

  • No loose clothing which may get caught in moving parts

  • Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair

  • Wear safety shoes with non-slip sole

  • A vacuum system is recommended to remove tungsten, especially thorium dust

  • Never operate power tools when tired, intoxicated or when taking medication that causes drowsiness

  The most common injuries to the manual tungsten electrode grinder are eye and finger related. Holding and grinding the tungsten electrode by hand has resulted in burned fingers, laceration to fingers and splintered tungsten electrodes in hand or fingers. Therefore ,welders should be quiet careful while using tungsten welding electrodes.

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