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Shaanxi Yuheng------professional sharpened tungsten electrodes manufacturer

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  During more than 5 years effort and thousands of trying and test, Shaanxi Yuheng now grasps this great achievement of sharpened tungsten electrode as well pre-ground tungsten electrode.

  As we all know the tungsten electrode or tungsten rod have to be sharpened before welding or lighting, so the sharpened condition will becoming more and more important, the sharpened condition will better help for the welding condition, if the sharpened condition is not good maybe you will find the welding result will not as good as your expectant, so don't look down upon the sharpening process.

  We could find many ways to sharp the tungsten tip it is according to the application soemone will have the better request some just sharp it optionally.

  Our sharpened condition you could refert to the pictures in our web.We could make sure the condition of sharpening will be what you want.

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