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The advantages and disadvantages of TIG welding

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  TIG welding is the tungsten inert gas welding, commonly known as non - melting gas welding.Today SHAANXI YUHENG mainly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of TIG welding with you.


  The main advantage of TIG welding is wide welding material range. the welding materials contain more than 0.2 mm artifacts,alloy steel, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper and its alloy, grey cast iron, ordinary steel, all kinds of bronze, Nickel, Silver, Titanium, and Plumbum. The main application field of TIG welding is welding thin and medium thickness workpiece.


  TIG welding method is harsh on environmental wind. When environmental wind is more than 4m/s, it will affect the protective effect of gas and lower welding efficiency, which is suitable for welding some fine product components;

  Low welding efficiency and high cost;

  Strict to clean requirements before welding;

  Special arc measures are needed, and the high frequency arc is harmful to human body;

  Strong uv and high ozone concentration.

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