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The advantages of sharpened tungsten electrode

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Shaanxi yuheng specializes in the production of high quality sharpened tungsten electrodes.Our sharpened tungsten electrodes have goood ignition and re-ignition capability,low burn-off rate,small deformation of electrode.In addition,yuheng sharpened tungsten electrodes possess high arc stability and low loss.

The ignition behaviour of the sharpened tungsten electrode is reflected by very good ignition characteristics and best re-ignition, and is furthermore protected against spark failure.Sharpened tungsten electrode's high arc quality mainly reflects that the arc remains stable at all times,does not flicker and move.the most important is that the welder always obtains the same results.Every welder knows the difference to an inferior electrode from practical experience. The re-ignition behaviour and the ignition safety deteriorate rapidly. The arc ignites mostly with a laterally flickering arc and moves slowly towards the tip. The electrode tip must be cut and sharpened again.This effort can be minimised by using an electrode of high quality like sharpened tungsten electrode.

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