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The introduction of WT20 tungsten electrode

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   2% Thoriated tungsten electrode, which is also known as WT electrode, contains a minimum of 97.30% tungsten and 1.70 to 2.20% Thoriated.

  In the welding area, WT20 tungsten electrode has becoming the most widely used electrodes today.

  Thorium plays an important role in increasing the electrode emission qualities of thoriated tungsten electrode, which can improve arc starts and allow a higher current carrying capacity.

  As Thoriated tungsten electrode operates far below its melting temperature, there is considerably lower rate of consumption and less arc wandering for greater stability.

  It also features making less welding contamination than other electrodes.

  To meet different customers' needs, we are able to provide various kinds of tungsten electrodes .

  Advantages of Thoriated Tungsten Electrode:

  1. Lower electronic functions

  2. Higher crystallization temperature

  3. Better conductivity

  4. Superior mechanical cutting performance

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