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The knowledge about Lanthanum tungsten electrode

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  Lanthanum tungsten electrode added lanthanum oxide in tungsten, Lanthanated tungsten electrode production. Specific data are listed in the following table:

  Grades of dopant doping amount other Graphite Electrode Scrap doping amount electron work color coating head

  WL10 La2O3 0.80~1.20% <0.20% 2.6~2.7 black

  WL15 La2O3 1.30~1.70% <0.20% 2.8~3.0 yellow

  WL20 La2O3 1.80~2.20% <0.20% 2.8~3.2 blue

  Lanthanum tungsten has the following advantages:better mechanical cutting performance,better creep resistance of high recrystallization temperature,good ductility.

  Lanthanum tungsten electrode has electrode material is the most popular international,especially the content of 1.5% (with distinction and content 2%) lanthanum tungsten electrode.

  Scientific studies show that, 1.5% lanthanum tungsten has conductive performance, the most close to 2% thoriated tungsten shown Graphitized Petroleum Coke.Therefore, welding personnel can replace electrode easily, without changing the equipment parameters.

  There is a very famous site test on 1998, is 2% thorium tungsten electrode, tungsten electrodes 1.5% lanthanum, cerium tungsten electrode 2% and two manufacturers respectively in 70 and 150 an electric current, welding task, 300 V DC environment fruitis, in these two cases, 1.5% lanthanum tungsten electrode show the excellent weldingperformance, but also reflects the characteristics of its burn rate is small.

  Lanthanum tungsten electrode is also applicable to AC welding tasks, and performance.

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