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The main hazards of Thoriated Tungsten welding electrodes

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  While 2 percent Thoriated tungsten has been the most commonly used tungsten material for many years, this electrode type is increasingly being scrutinised because of concerns for the environment and for the safety of users of this material. The concerns arise from the fact that the element thorium is radioactive.The passage is to alert welders involved in TIG welding of a potential hazard.

  The hazard arises from the storage and use of thoriated tungsten electrodes.Thorium is incorporated into some tungsten welding rods to improve their working properties. Thorium is used in a wide range of industrial processes. It is a naturally occurring radioactive element emits a type of nuclear radiation known as alpha particles.

  The main hazards associated with the storage or use of these thoriated tungsten welding rods are:

  • the storage of a large number of rods in any one place; 

  • the inhalation of dust particles generated during tip grinding.

  Where tungsten electrodes are not necessary for quality of the weld, workshop and welders should use alternative type electrodes.

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