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The most precise way of grinding and cutting tungsten electrode in TIG welding

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   Grinding tungsten electrode enables you to cut the electrodes in the precise length needed.China tungsten electrode manufacturer----SHAANXI YUHENG introduces the most precise way of grinding and cutting tungsten electrode in TIG welding for you.

        The grinding and cutting take place in the closed chamber of the machine, using liquid to cool the diamond discs and the electrode. The toxic grinding dust and off cuts are collected safely in the waste container for safe disposal. The high grinding speed combined with liquid cooling of the diamond disc and the electrode ensures an even and polished surface and prevents overheating and blueing of the electrode.

  Using the unique electrode holder and stick-out adjuster to centre the tungsten electrode perfectly and ensure minimum waste of the tungsten electrodes during grinding. The cutting device has multiple adjustment options to ensure the precise length of the electrode tip. You can grind and cut the electrode without removing the electrode from the holder, making handling as easy as possible. These features allow the welder to produce the lets the exact angle and length of the tungsten electrode needed for any specific welding work, incl. robotic and orbital welding.

  Key Features

  • Longitudinal Grinding of electrodes for the best results

  • 3 grinding postions on the grinding wheel, effectively tripling the grinding life of the wheel

  • Cold wet grinding combined with the diamond wheels’ high grinding speed ensure that the tungsten electrode always has a polished and even surface

  • Easy, safe disposal of hazardous grinding dust in the replaceable cartridge

  • Digital angle setting for quick reference and repeatable accuracy

  • No tools are needed for the easy removal of the waste container for its safe disposal.

  • Set up the grinder and cutter once, and re-produce the same electrode over and over.

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