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The specification of tungsten copper alloy electrodes

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   The specification of tungsten copper alloy electrodes contains 70W30CU,75W25Cu,80W20Cu,85W15Cu.

  70W30CU tungsten copper alloy electrode is a composite materials which use the excellent features of high purity tungsten metal powder and advantages of high purity copper powder such as plasticity, high electrical conductivity,is made by static pressure molding, high temperature sintering and infiltrating copper's process.

  75W25Cu tungsten copper alloy electrode as composite materials of tungsten and copper,has the excellent features of copper such as thermal performance and low-thermal expandability. 75%W tungsten copper alloy electrode has high heat resistance,high thermal conductivity and low expansion,it is often used in electric resistance welding,electrical contact and radiator,etc..

  80W20Cu tungsten copper alloy electrode contains 80%W,grade is CuW80,the hardness is 98HRB,density is 15.58g/cm3.The thermal expansion property of tungsten copper composite material is similar to SiC,Al2O3 and BeO,used in substrate and chip.

  85W15Cu tungsten copper alloy electrode belongs to metal-matrix composite material.Due to the great differences of metal copper and tungsten's physical properties,it can not be produced by casting method,usaully manufactured by powder alloy technology.

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