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Titanium brake pad


Product details

1.Manufactured with multiple alloys for improved heat dissipation and performance
2.Mill-balanced for proper rotor function; no extra weights are needed
3.Quality validated for proper metallurgy and correct brake plate thickness
4.Rounded radius for added strength
5.OEM Quality ,Full Range Catalogue ,Most competitive price ,Shortest Delivery Lead time
6.Casting process:    fully controlled timing management, less inner stress to avoid braking shaking problem.
7.Machining:    brake surface precision machining that run out less than 0.03 mm
8.Balancing:   OEM standard less than for good dynamic balancing.
9.Surface coating:   different kind of E-coating to avoid of rust on non-brake surface for longer using life.
10.Factory direct supply ,there is NO MOQ restrictions.

The brake rotor is a metal disc that is mounted to the hub of each equipped wheel. When the brakes are applied, the brake pads are forced against the brake rotor. This is what slows down and stops your vehicle.

Symptoms of Wear or Failure:

          Pulsation in the brake pedal

          Steering wheel vibration

          Clanking, thumping, or grinding noise when braking

          Brake pad failure

          Abnormal wheel hub assembly wear

          The brakes may "grab" when applied, causing one or more wheels to stop suddenly and skid

Application: Bicycle, motorbike, automobile  

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