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Tungsten Electrodes' Grinding and Cutting Techniques

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  Tungsten electrodes are the crucial electrical carrier in the welding process, and they must be ground and cut properly. Improperly prepared electrodes can lead to arc wander, splitting, shedding,welding inconsistencies, or expensive mistakes. Properly ground and cut electrodes can improve arc starting and stability. Tungsten electrode manufacturer-----SHAANXI YUHENG offers proper tungsten electrodes' grinding and cutting techniques for you.

  Tip/Flat Preparation: When preparing a flat from a used electrode, if the end to be ground is exceedingly contaminated, the old tip it should be cut off before preparing the flat.This procedure would also work with a new electrode or an electrode with the contamination cut off. Simply push the electrode at exactly a 90° angle to the side of the wheel. There should be an apparatus to hold the tungsten so that the angle is maintained.

  Taper Grinding: The most important element of proper taper grinding is that the electrode must be ground longitudinally (lengthwise). Grinding electrode tips crosswise has a negative effect on the stability and formation of the arc at the electrode tip.

  Tungsten electrodes are manufactured with the molecular structure of the grain running lengthwise and thus grinding crosswise is “grinding against the grain.” More importantly,electrons flow at a greater density on the surface of the electrode. If electrodes are ground or polished crosswise,the electrons have to jump across the grinding marks.The arc begins before the tip, spreads out, and usually wanders. The tungsten electrode becomes overheated and wears out more quickly. By grinding longitudinally with the grain, the electrons are led steadily and with less difficulty to the extreme tip of the tungsten electrode. The arc starts straight and remains narrow, concentrated, and stable. The electrode is subjected to less Thermal shock, and therefore lasts longer.

  SHAANXI YUHENG supplies high quality tungsten electrode rod for TIG welding.Welcome to consult us if you have any questions about tungsten electrodes' grinding and cutting.

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