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Tungsten anode in different field

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Arc plasma has the advantages of high heat source temperature, concentrated energy and high heating efficiency.It is widely used in cutting, welding, smelting, hot spraying, new materials, synthetic air purification, waste water treatment and other industrial fields

This time we talked about the application of tungsten node .


As we all know the pure tungsten or the doped with oxidation material such as Thoriated Cerium Lanthanated and other oxidation materials .

Our company recently do some cooperation with Germany company specialist we devoted into researching this materials ,according to the plenty times tests and improving the producing process now we could supply you a new special materials for the tungsten anode for some new fields ,such as the lighting, the special lighting and smelting,  synthetic air purification,the waste water treatment and so on .


According to the long time comparing with the traditional process now we could supply the better materials used in the tungsten anode .it will have the better performance during the process of using ,it also will have the longer lifetime than the traditional anode .

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