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Tungsten electrode for RESISTANCE welding

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The principle of resistance welding: by focusing on the large current and applying pressure, a welding method of melting and bonding of the parent material is used by the resistance heat of the welding material.Using the resistance heat to melt the metal and pressurize it.The combination is the basic principle of resistance welding, including resistance spot welding, convex welding, seam welding, roll welding, etc.

Resistance welding features:

        ◆   High welding efficiency of two joints

        ◆   Fast welding speed, suitable for mass production

        ◆   Beginners can also do simple welding

        ◆   Welding deformation small

        ◆   No wires, chemicals or consumables are required

        ◆   Low production cost

Tungsten electrode for resistance welding:

  Tungsten copper alloy

  Tungsten high gravity alloy

  Tungsten rod

  Molybdenum rods

Shaanxi yuheng company mainly produces series products of tungsten electrode and tungsten products, products in strict accordance with the ISO6848 DIN/ISO9002, EN26848 and AWS A5.12-92, our products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia, east Asia, South America and weekly market.European and eu customers enjoy lower antidumping duties and products are certified by TUV in Germany.

Product execution standard:ISO 6848 ANSI/AWS A5.12 / A5 A2M - 98

Specification: 0.5-25 mm

Length: 150mm, 175mm, 178mm, for any length required by the customer.

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