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We are not only supply the welding products we also supply the solution of welding

Views:6     Author:Shaanxi Yuheng Tungsten & Molybdenum Industrial Co,,Ltd     Publish Time: 2018-11-14      Origin:Shaanxi Yuheng Tungsten & Molybdenum Industrial Co,,Ltd

In the past as we all know the tungsten electrode only have one types pure tungsten electrode .as times goes by the welding skills inquiry the different kind of tungsten electrode come out .


Such as Thoriated tungsten including 1% 2% 3% 4% ,the tungsten electrode application becoming more and more Segmenting ,of corse they have the different during the welding .


The TIG welding is not a easy job during the welding ,someone could make the tungsten open a beautiful working .you must have a experienced welding worker ,you must know about the mother materials of welding ,you must choose the right type of tungsten electrode according to your mother materials of welding ,you must choose the right diameter of tungsten electrode according to the thickness of the mother materials .


Last week we got the question from our clients he told me our tungsten electrode is not good ,because when he weld the sheet with 2% Thoriated electrode ,i checked the tungsten he used the tungsten electrode is in good quality the only problem is pre-ground the tungsten electrode very sharp ,then i check the materials and make a notes ,the thickness is 0.5mm stainless sheet .we collect the information and give our client a solution use the smaller diameter tungsten electrode use the 2.0mm and not grind it too sharp .


Then after the adjust the client tell us all the problem now is not the problem .

From this client we noted that the diameter choosing is also very important during the welding . so every step of the TIG welding is really important .

If you also have any problem during the welding you could asked our sales managers they will help you in time.

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