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What is thorium tungsten electrode?

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  The common tungsten electrodes have cerium tungsten electrode, lanthanum tungsten electrode,thorium tungsten electrode,zirconium tungsten electrode and yttrium tungsten electrode.But do you know what is thorium tungsten electrode?

  The thorium tungsten electrode in Nodulizer tungsten doped thoria, producing thorium tungsten electrode. Specific data are listed in the following table:

  Grades of dopant doping amount of color coating head

  WT10 ThO2 0.90~1.20% yellow

  WT20 ThO2 1.8~2.2% red

  WT30 ThO2 2.80~3.20% purple

  WT40 ThO2 3.80~4.20% orange

  Compared with the pure tungsten, thoriated tungsten has the characteristics as follows:electronic function in higher crystallization temperature, lower conductivity, better mechanical cutting performance.

  Thorium tungsten electrode a commonly used tungsten electrode material, it has moreadvantages than the pure tungsten welding performance, and is widely used in the field of direct current welding.

  Thorium tungsten electrode has the advantages of simple operation, even in thecurrent overload can also very good operation.

  Even so, people are gradually turned to other types of tungsten electrode, such as tungsten cerium and lanthanum tungsten, this is not just because they are in the majority of applications have demonstrated excellent performance, but also is important to them, no radiation damage. Because thorium oxide of thorium tungsten electrodegenerated in the trace of radiation, so that part of the welding personnel Anthracite Ball would notclose to them.

  In the use of thorium tungsten electrode welding must maintain good ventilation environment, abandoned the welding head to properly handle.

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