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Why is tungsten used for TIG welding?

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  As we all know, tungsten electrode is more and more popular in the process of TIG welding. But why? Tungsten electrode manufacturer----SHAANXI YUHENG will answer the question for you.

  Since the name includes the term “Tungsten” and tungsten is what makes TIG welding possible, it is good to know what tungsten is! Tungsten is a very hard, slightly radioactive, and brittle metal. Its uses are limited compared to other metals. In TIG welding the tungsten is made into a non consumable electrode that is used to create the arc for TIG welding. Typical other uses for tungsten are in light bulbs, heating elements, and rocket engines. Basically, any place that requires a very high melting point or the need to pass electricity at a high temperature is needed. In the case of TIG welding, the tungsten metal properties allows an arc to maintain a temperature up to 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

  A high melting point and excellent electrical conductivity keeps the tungsten electrode from burning up! The unique properties of tungsten allow welding with a hotter arc then the actual melting point of the tungsten. The tensile strength of tungsten is an extremely high up to 500,000 lbs per square inch! Comparing it to commonly used steel with 36,000 lbs of tensile strength per square inch, tungsten is very strong! Although the metal is very strong it is also brittle! It is not hard to break a tungsten electrode with just a tap of a hammer.

       So tungsten is used widely in TIG welding!

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