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The do's and don'ts in grinding and cutting tungsten electrode

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  The grind angle (taper) and tip diameter (geometry) of a tungsten electrode greatly affect the size and quality of the weld bead and penetration.

  Whatever your TIG/GTAW or Plasma welding application, the tungsten electrode should be properly cut and ground tapered. As a professional tungsten electrodes manufacturer, SHAANXI YUHENG summarizes the do's and don'ts in grinding and cutting tungsten electrode.

  Grinding tungsten electrode

  Use a dedicated Tungsten grinder to avoid contamination of the electrode and to maximize welding performance.

  Grinding wheels should be made of diamond or borazon.

  Grind longitudinally and concentrically so that the lines on the ground surface move in the same direction as the electrode and the electrode has no flat spots.

  Use a dedicated grinding wheel to minimize contamination of the tungsten tip.

  Cutting tungsten electrode

  Tungsten alloys are dense and very brittle and can splinter or shatter, causing fractures in tungsten electrodes. This can lead to arc instability or “break off”

  during welding, creating gross weld defects.

  When you need to cut your electrode to a specific length, or remove contamination from the tip, be sure to cut electrodes correctly.

  Incorrect cutting methods damage the integrity of the tungsten alloys, shorten arc time and increase the potential for tungsten contamination in the weld.

  For a clean, smooth cut, use a diamond wheel with the electrode secured on both sides of the cut.

  Do Not bend electrodes until they fracture.

  Do Not cut tungsten electrodes with wire cutters or pliers.

  Do Not notch the electrode on the grinding wheel then “snap it off”.

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