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tips for selecting tungsten electrodes

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  “What is the correct Tungsten Electrode to use for my application?”is the question that many customers ask these days .Now, let's talk about it for us.

  Selecting the right tungsten is crucial to a successful TIG weld. You have to ensure the correct tungsten is used for the right type of power source, material to be welded, and the thickness of the material. With so many different types of tungsten electrodes available, learning how to properly select the correct tungsten for each application can greatly improve weld performance as well as saving time and money.

  In any application, the type and shape of tungsten you use helps determine the arc quality and welding performance you will achieve. Each of the above types of tungsten will bring certain advantages and disadvantages. That’s why, regardless of type of material or process you are using to TIG weld, it is always important to be wise when choosing the tungsten for your application. With anything, it takes time to learn how to prepare and select tungsten electrodes for the application you are using.

  Tungsten Preparation

  Depending on the type of tungsten electrode, preparation of the tungsten consists of either a balled, pointed, or truncated shape. A balled tip is most commonly used on a pure tungsten electrode and is suggested for use with the AC process on sine wave and conventional Square Wave TIG welders. To properly ball the end of the tungsten, apply the AC amperage recommended for the electrode diameter and the ball on the end of the tungsten will form itself. The diameter of the balled end should not exceed 1.5 times the diameter of the electrode (for example, a 1/8-in. electrode should form a 3/16-in. diameter end), as having a larger sphere at the tip of the electrode can reduce arc stability and/or fall off and contaminate the weld.

  By following the above and with some practice, you will be able to learn how to pick the best tungsten electrode for your application and proper tungsten preparation.

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