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Safe operation flow of tungsten electrode for argon arc welding

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First, the preparation before work:

1, Check the power supply, control system grounding is good, the water source, argon must be clear, ventilation, exhaust is normal;

2, Check equipment and tools are good;

3, Wear electrostatic dust masks and gloves, overalls and other labor protection supplies.

Second,work compliance matters:

1. Must operate in a well ventilated condition;

2,The arc is not allowed near naked and bare, other parts are not allowed in the eating, smoking, in order to avoid arc near the smell of smoke inhalation;

3, Minimize the high frequency operation time, continuous work is not allowed more than six hours;

4. Argon cylinders are not allowed to collide, stand upright and keep away from open flame for more than three meters;

5, Comply with the "rules of operation of welders";

6. Wear masks, gloves and follow the operating rules of grinding machines when grinding thorium and tungsten;

7, Thorium tungsten rod should be stored in the lead box, to avoid a large number of thorium tungsten rod together, the radiation dose exceeds the safety requirements, causing injury to the human body;

Last,work after work:

1. Turn off the power supply, water supply and ventilation;

2. Wiping equipment;

3. Clean up the work site.

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