Sharpened Tungsten

Pre-grind sharpened tungsten electrode

As we all know the tungsten electrode have to be ground an angle before welding so that it will have a better performance during the application ,it is very important for the tungsten electrode during welding .

Why the tungsten electrode have to be ground an angle ?as we all know the tungsten electrode or tungsten rod during the application it need the electric arc to focus how we could make sure the arc would be focus ?we have to make sure all the electricity pass the tungsten electrode then focus on the tip ,so the tip have to be the center of the circle .it means the sharp tip must be the concentric tip .so before the application the grinding is not the simply grinding .some time the client will give us a feedback that the tungsten electrode arc bias .this performance  mostly cause of the sharp tip is not the concentric tip.

During the past years our company try all methods to improve the grinding conditions now we could make sure the sharp tip our company supplying will have the better performance during welding .

We could supply all types of tungsten electrode and all size to Pre-grind sharpened .WT20 WL15 WL20 WP WCe20 and the composite tungsten electrode ,we could also produce the tungsten electrode in different angle and length ,so if you have the special requirement for the length or angle we could make sure all your requirement will be satisfy .

We supply all types of tungsten electrode Pre-grind sharpened service . we could help you to improve the welding performance,we could not only reduce your working we could also help you to promote the usage rate of tungsten electrode .because when you got a Pre-grind sharpened tungsten electrode you will reduce your working to grinding tungsten electrode and the better Pre-grind sharpened condition will reduce the grinding times during welding .so the good Pre-grind sharpened condition for the tungsten electrode will helpful for saving time and saving power .