Tungsten Electrodes

WX-2 The Multi-composite Rare-earth Tungsten Welding Electrode


Electrodes with rare earth (mixed oxides). In comparison to thoriated electrodes WX-2 Composite tungsten electrode is less harmful to the environment and not radioactive. The electrodes offer excellent ignition characteristics and consistent welding properties. Tungsten Welding electrodes are universal and suitable for all applications in the whole range of DC and AC welding for non-alloyed and high-alloyed steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel, copper and magnesium alloys. Because of their great ignition properties they are also suitable for automated welding. Due to the low electrode temperature, they offer an increased current carrying capacity and longer service life than thoriated electrodes.

The performances of Composite Electrodes in welding can be much improved by adding two or more rare earth oxides which are mutually completementary.

Parameters of Lanthanated wolfram Electrode

Type Additives Content impurities% W% Sing color
WX-2 / 1.2~2.5% <0.20 Balance Turquoise
WX-3 / 0.35~0.4% <0.40 Balance Purple

Tolerances of tungsten Electrode composite

Diameter( mm ) Tolerance (mm) Length (mm)
Φ0.30-2.0 0.05 50~1000 -1
Φ0.30-2.0 0.1

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