Ceriated Tungsten Electrode

Diameter(mm): 1.6/2.0/2.4/3.0/3.2/4.0/4.8/5.0/6.0/8.0/Customized
Length(mm): 175/150/Customized

The Features of WC20 tungsten electrodes:

• Low electronic function
• Good conductivity
• Good electron emission ability
• Good mechanical cutting performance
• High elastic modulus, Low vapour pressure
• High recrystallization temperature

2% Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes ( WC20, Grey ) for TIG Welding


The Brief Introduction of WC20 Grey Tungsten electrodes

Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes which contains a minimum of 97.30% tungsten and 1.80 to 2.20% cerium, was known as the first non-radioactive alternative to 2% thoriated tungsten electrode. It is especially excellent for DC welding with low amperage because it starts very easily at low amperages.


    China Ceriated Tungsten Electrode is commonly used in welding orbital tube ,pipe and small or delicate parts. Like thorium, it is best used to weld carbon steel, stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium, making it an obvious replacement for 2% thoriated tungsten electrode.

This tungsten electrode is used primarily for DC welding and may split if used for AC welding. 2% Ceriated tungsten electrode features slightly different electrical characteristics than thorium but most operators won’t be able to tell the difference. Using 2% Ceriated tungsten electrode at higher amperages is not recommended. In these situations, the oxides will migrate quickly to the heat at the tip, removing the oxide content and nullifying its process benefits.

The Parameters of Ceriated Tungsten Electrode:

Electrode doped with name Grade Amount amount of doping Doping Other Doping Color Criteria

Tungsten Electrode

WC20 CeO2 1.8-2.2 <0.20 Grey ISO 6848

AWS A5.12M

The specification of TIG welding tungsten electrode:

Diameter (mm) Tolerance (mm) Length (mm)
Φ1.0-2.4 ±0.05 50~175 ±1
Φ3.0-12.0 ±0.1 50~175 ±1