How to choose a tungsten alloy manufacturer?

As we all know,tungsten heavy alloy could be widely used for different industries and countries in various fields,such as the sports, darts, yacht,fishing, racing car; the medical, including radiation shielding, source holder, collimator, isotope container, nuclear syringe; the scientific, tungsten heat sinks, oil drill, mine exploitation. Due to increasing abundant demand of Depleted Uranium, tungsten alloy is also widely used as a substitution in some parts of military products nowadays.

  As its high density similar to real gold, tungsten alloy material is very famous as gold-plated substitution. It could be made as gold-plated tungsten bar, golden tungsten brick, gold-plated tungsten bar, golden tungsten paperweight, gold-plated tungsten coin.

  About tungsten alloy manufacturer,why choose YUHENG?

  Being dependable and integrated tungsten heavy alloy manufacturer and Producer with leading-edge production technology, therefore serving a number of industries like automobile, aircraft, industrial machinery, etc. Our range of various tungsten heavy alloys products guarantee the properties like low contiguity, diminutive grain size, and sturdy W-matrix interface and robust W-W grain boundary. Our entire offered range is manufactured under the direction of a team of skilled professionals who make use of qualitative raw material in compliance with the industry laid standards and guidelines. Our company boasts the advanced manufacturing process, exclusive sourcing channel, rigorous quality control system which has also helped us attain a remarkable position in the domain.

  We want to be fairly competitive in an intensively global marketplace, we have put on a global outlook and presence. We look for opportunities to reinforce the company’s existing position in China and overseas area and strive to fulfill and set world-class quality standards in our product line.